Your Opportunity to change Policing

On the 15th of November 2012 the election of the Sussex PCC (Police & Crime Commissioner) will take place. For the first time the electorate will have a direct say in policing. The Police Minister Nick Herbert said in a speech that this will be

"a new era in policing, when local people will elect a Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex" .

Up until now the Sussex Police Authority has had this power; Who are they?, what do they do? I think most ordinary residents will be unable to answer that question.This will all change with the election, the electorate will be able to decide what Police force they want and how it operates. This is why I am putting my name forward to be chosen as the Conservative Party Candidate.

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sussex Conservatives Chooses its PCC Candidate

Peter Jones

Sussex Conservatives will select their candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner on 14th July at the special general meeting at Burgess Hill.

As a losing candidate I think that puts me in a unique position in regard to judging who would be the best candidate for the job as I have studied them all in depth.

I believe that Peter Jones will make the best PCC Candidate and I am swinging my support behind him.  The reasons for this is that he has a successful record of turning round East Sussex County Council building up the reserves to be £200M and helping launch a £500M capital spending programme.  He is also one of Sussex’s big political animals and has the statue and gravitas to hold this position.

Peter has a plan (rather than aspirations); this would be to take out £10m of admin costs to give a boost to the front line, so the force can hire more police officers to protect our local communities.  Also to use some of the admin savings to strengthen the specialist support teams to help the force as a whole to catch more criminals and charge them.

Also one of the big issues I have highlighted is the CPS and its effectiveness in prosecuting cases. If elected Peter wants to use his mandate to introduce performance targets for police and the Crown Prosecution Service to hold them to account publicly for catching and prosecuting more criminals. 

Based on the above, I think Peter is the best Candidate, he has a credible plan and because of this I will support his campaign.

 I hope all members can attend on the 14th of July at the Triangle in Burgess Hill to make the decision and give whoever is the Conservative Candidate their support for victory at the election on the 15th of November.

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Rt Hon Nick Herbert (Police & Justice Minister) & Paul Dendle

Rt Hon Nick Herbert (Police & Justice Minister) & Paul Dendle
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