Your Opportunity to change Policing

On the 15th of November 2012 the election of the Sussex PCC (Police & Crime Commissioner) will take place. For the first time the electorate will have a direct say in policing. The Police Minister Nick Herbert said in a speech that this will be

"a new era in policing, when local people will elect a Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex" .

Up until now the Sussex Police Authority has had this power; Who are they?, what do they do? I think most ordinary residents will be unable to answer that question.This will all change with the election, the electorate will be able to decide what Police force they want and how it operates. This is why I am putting my name forward to be chosen as the Conservative Party Candidate.

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Time for Police Change - Why I believe I am the best Candidate

Time for Police Change

I am now through to the final 6 and go forward to the short-list meeting to be decided by Sussex Conservative MP’s and representatives of the 16 Conservative associations in Sussex on the 23rd of June.

Nick Herbert the Police Minister conceived and pushed through the legislation for the new Police and Crime Commissioners in the Police Reform act in November 2011.  He saw that what was needed was a new way of thinking and managing our Police forces and he saw that you would need a unique individual who was a hybrid, a successful Business person and a Politician rolled into one.

I believe I am that person, in my business career I have built up and sold several companies in Aviation, Information technology, Travel Data marketing and Property.  In politics I have been a Councillor for 9 years and for 6 of those years I have been a Cabinet Member.  As Cabinet member I have successfully shrank the councils administrative buildings from 8 to 5, I have increased Customer contact over the web from just 15% to 60%, I have championed Green energy through the installation of PV Panels which is giving the council 50kw’s of green energy and a cash return of 19% per annum. Also I have been a strong advocate of lean systems thinking, leaning the Councils systems to make them more efficient and effective.

As many Police officers remind me, Sussex Police is not a business, but a service, but it has many areas that would certainly benefit from a businesslike approach.  The PCC position is not an operational role, but any elected Commissioner will have to set the Priorities of the Force and the budget.  Whilst these are not operational, the effects of them will impact operationally on the Police. 

I passionately believe that Sussex Police should introduce lean systems thinking, this reform empowers staff at the grassroots giving them the ability to help reform their role and give back the discretion that has been removed over the last 30 years.  It is basically commonsense, but it gives a focus and impetus to front line staff to take control and manage their patch to the betterment of the force as a whole.   This is not an airy fairy concept either; Cheshire Police has successfully introduced Lean system thinking which is already improving performance and allowing resource to be concentrated on the front line.  But to introduce this type of reform you will have to have the agreement and “buy in” of the Chief Constable.

That is why the successful PCC will have to build a strong relationship with the Chief Constable to manage and navigate his or her priorities through; the relationship will have to be built on mutual respect with any disagreements being hammered out in private.
I believe I have the proven ability, I believe I am at the right age to take on this position, old enough to know what’s right and young enough to have the energy to give this role the 60 hour weeks that it needs.

My Priorities are
Anti Social Behaviour
Anti Social Behaviour linked to the night time economy
To build up Community Policing
To introduce Systems thinking to increase front line policing resource.

If you are coming to the selection meeting on the 23rd of June or the Hustings on the 14th of July, then I hope you will have confidence to give me your vote.

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Rt Hon Nick Herbert (Police & Justice Minister) & Paul Dendle

Rt Hon Nick Herbert (Police & Justice Minister) & Paul Dendle
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